PV-DG Synchronization Controller (LogX-DG)

Why PV-DG Solution Required?

Due to Anti-Islanding protection, when the grid gets disconnected then solar inverter stops power generation.

If consumer is having Diesel Generator (DG) to provide a power to load, By using PV-DG solution solar plant can cater partial load which will reduce load on Diesel generator which directly helps fuel saving thus operation cost reduction.

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PV-DG Solution offers-

A PV-DG synchronization controller controls the inverter to maintain DG power at minimum 25%. Solar plant power contribution starts when load exceeds more than 25% of DG capacity.

PV-DG Sync controller understands DG power from the energy meter installed at DG LT which has been connected to PV-DG sync controller over RS485.

Smart communication between the PV system and DG set assures greater uptime of the system and up to 25-30% fuel saving with maximum grid stability.

It will ensure back feeding of power from PV to diesel generator in case the load demand comes down, thereby maintaining system stability when running PV plant with DG generator in the absence of the grid.

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